We are supporting families during the COVID crisis

Giving supplies to families during these trying times

Our History

We began in 2009 with the community in mind. We focused on youth programs designed to help academically and vocationally. Increase test scores and reward academic excellence. Through our Academic Accolades program, 100% of the participants has enrolled in college. Through our vocation programs, we have exposed our youth participants to careers in science, computer design, coding, construction and real estate.

Also, we have supported local school in increasing grades and test scores. through local Back to School giveaways, we have help needy families with the supplies they need for the school year.

We also support other organizations with computer training, community fairs and other programs supporting Veterans and Seniors.

Our Need

When we began, we designed programs with the community in mind. Our programs were powered by hard work, volunteers and non-monetary donations. Unfortunately, we experienced a roof cave in and it needs major repairs. We need your help to repair the roof and repair the damage cause by the exposure to the elements.

Help us get back to work.

Programs and Presentations

We  can do much more